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Jewelry painting on gems

Художник призван нести свет
в человеческие сердца
(Жорж Санд)
Unique Fine art based on traditions and modern trends

Painting on gem is a synthesis of old technology and modern trends. It is based on lacquer miniature painting, which appeared in China more than 2,000 years ago. Traveling around the world, it was transformed into a completely unique high art.

Today it is the finest multi-layer oil painting based on techniques of classical masters.
High energy and lux materials

Handwork with natural materials fills every painted gem with energy of love and inspiration that is easy for everyone to feel.

That is why my painted gems become talismans, real family jewel that is passed on through generations.

Gold leaf, silver and precious stones emphasizes their beauty and significance.
Flight of inspiration and rare skill

Each gem is unique in it's shape and pattern. It is like a window into the alluring and beautiful world, exciting many hearts.

This magical material allows me to become a star in my favorite kind of creativity.

My painted gems live around the world with art lovers and stars. They take part in international exhibitions and win them.
Style and beauty

Painted pendant, necklace and interior panels are the exquisite jewelry and precious art object. It will help you to express your feelings with the international language of images. Emphasize your individuality and artistic taste.

My painted gems will help you to forget about the turmoil of the day and enjoy the beauty of the moment.

Jewelry painting on gems - it is my love and profession!
My painted gems are in private collections in different parts of the world:
Russia, USA, Europe and the East.
They participated in an exhibition in Los Angeles with a genuine relic of the Buddha in 2017, and in the Tibetan temples of California and St. Petersburg.

My miniature paintings live with stars and art lovers.
Panel "Paris for Two" was presented to the famous russian singer Elena Maximova.
It was a wedding gift for her in Nice at the Rothschild estate.
Pendant "Ruby Buddha" was made for the princess of Thailand.
I took 1st place in international exhibition XXVI Russian Art Week .

I painted copies of Leonardo da Vinci's paintings "Mona Lisa", Sandro Botticelli "Madonna Magnificat" and "The Birth of Venus".
I write by inspiration and to order for those who are in tune with my work.

I've created the world's first online school of jewelry painting on stone.
I teach my students since 2016.
Hello! My name is Anna Zimorodok
I believe that painter is called on to bring Light into human hearts! The mission of my art is to illuminate this world with love, harmony and beauty. It is to bring Heavenly images into our reality.

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